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Our approach

Enigmatos provides solutions to the ever growing threat of vehicle hacking. We know that each car has its own unique digital dynamic signature. Two cars of the same model that rolled off the assembly line at the same time will have different signatures. By uploading all the vehicle’s communication data to our cloud and applying our proprietary machine learning algorithms we are able to generate each vehicle’s unique signature. We call it  – Deep Car Identity Profiling™. We protect your car by allowing only valid and legal changes to the vehicle’s identity. 

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Enigmatos offers a dynamic, multilayered, behavior based detection and prevention system to protect the vehicle and its maintenance infrastructure from cyber security threats. Our solution addresses both existing and emerging vehicle architectures.

Our services

Enigmatos offers its customers variety of consulting services in the domain of automotive cyber security. Our top notch team of cyber security researchers and automotive experts harness their unique set of skills to challenge our customers’ infrastructure and vehicle’s architecture in order to assist them in building robust and secure vehicles.


Troopers, 13-16 March 2018, Heidelberg, Germany
Meet Enigmatos’ Co Founder & CTO, Alexander Fok & our cyber security research team presenting “Stepping stone to car hacking”
Mondial Tech at the Paris Motor Show, 2-6 October 2018, Paris, France
Enigmatos is a finalist in the international startup competition of the Mondial Tech – showcasing pioneering automotive technologies at the Paris Motor Show.  Come meet the team at our stand and hear us pitch at the finals!
Let’s Put AI to Work by TUV SUD & IBM Germany, 23-24 October  2018, Munich, Germany
Enigmatos will demo its solution at the Open Digital Industry Venture Fair and was selected to pitch at the Innovation Award For Digitized Industries. Meet our Co Founder & CTO, Alexander Fok and our VP Business Development, Orit Fredkof at the event.
SMMT Future Mobility Challenge, October 17 2018, London, UK
Five of the world’s biggest automotive brands, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch, Ford and Toyota, have partnered with SMMT to challenge companies to devise innovative solutions to key mobility challenges. Enigmatos was selected by the partners to pitch and exhibit at the event. Meet our VP Business Development, Orit Fredkof, and our Director of Engineering, Ralph Diamond.
Smart Mobility Summit, 29-30 October 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel
Visit our stand at the Ecomotion Startup Exhibition area – just outside the Habima Hall. Meet our team and learn more about how Enigmatos brings cybersecurity to your vehicle – See a demo of our product in action!
Automechanika Shanghai, November 28 – December 1, 2018, Shanghai, China
Meet our team and see our product in action at our stand in one of the largest automotive exhibitions in the world, Automechanika Shanghai.
HLS & CYBER, 13-14 November 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel
Visit our stand – C63 – at HLS & Cyber Exhibition area. Meet our team and learn more about how Enigmatos brings cybersecurity to your vehicle – See a demo of our product in action!
Capsula TLV, December 2018 – April 2019
We are proud to announce that Enigmatos was chosen to take part in the current Capsula accelerator batch!
Automotive World Japan, 16-18 January 2019, Tokyo, Japan
We are proud to take part in the Israeli Pavilion in the exhibition – orchestrated by The Israeli Export Institute. You can meet our team and see our demo – How we attack and protect a vehicle in our lab – 9,000 Km away from Tokyo!
Cybertech TLV, January 28 – 30, 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel
Meet us at the startup area in Pavilion 2, Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, for the Cybertech TLV 2019. Watch out product demo and meet the Enigmatos team.

The Enigmatos Advantage

100% visibility of vehicle's data

Uploading the vehicle’s communication data to our cloud provides us with the ability to map the vehicle’s topology. We are then able to detect any changes to this topology (including SW update) and ensure reliable and precise anomaly detection.

Protecting the vehicle's ECU's & CAN bus

In order to protect the vehicle’s communication network, our in car rules engine – the CPD™ – is able to identify the source of each message. When combined with our ability to discover and map the vehicle’s topology, this patent pending technology allows only legal and valid messages, initiated through the ECU that is eligible to send them.

Protecting maintenance infrastructure

We at Enigmatos look at the bigger picture. In order to better protect vehicles we need to make sure that their maintenance ecosystem is protected as well and that its integrity is intact. Our ability to create a vehicle’s unique signature also provides us the means to create the required trust relationship between the vehicle and its maintenance ecosystem.

Forensic analysis

We investigate any event in the vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. All detected attack attempts are reported to the cloud for further forensic analysis by Security Operation Center (SOC) team. Our SOC team members use our proprietary analysis tools for further forensic investigation of the alarms and detection of patterns of massive threats.

Frequent policy update

A cyber solution needs to stay ahead of the hackers. The ability to update our detection policy based on new attacks discovered is essential to ensure the continuous safety of your vehicle. We use the inputs of our anomaly analysis and forensic analysis to update the detection policy of our in car rules engine.

Unique company DNA

Enigmatos founders believe the secret for success lies in the formation of a team of the top experts in cyber security, the automotive field (CAN BUS protocols, Ethernet, LIN BUS, FLEXRAY, etc. ), cloud management, algorithm development, Big Data analysis, statistics, electronics, communications, etc.  This extraordinary team of highly experienced engineers and scientists is the key to devising our cutting edge technology solution.

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