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Enigmatos offers a dynamic, multilayered, behavior based detection and prevention system to protect the vehicle and its maintenance infrastructure from cyber security threats. Our solution addresses both existing and emerging vehicle architectures.

Deep Car Identity Profiling

With our in car rules engine – the CPD™ (CAN Parasite Detector) – we upload all vehicle’s communication data to our cloud. We apply our proprietary machine learning algorithms and mapping methodologies to generate the vehicle’s unique dynamic signature. The signature model is then stored in the CPD™.

Threats Detection

The in car rules engine (CPD™) uses the signature model in conjunction with deterministic rules to detect known and unknown attacks regardless of the attack vectors. It enables us to protect the vehicle’s perimeter from all unauthorized change attempts whether HW or SW related.

Analysis and Policy Update

All detected attack attempts are reported to the cloud for further analysis by our automated tools as well as forensic analysis by our Security Operation Center (SOC) team. Our ability to identify and investigate alarms and patterns of massive threats is our way to achieve one of the most important goals of cyber security – expect the unexpected!

The outcome is used for calibration of the in car rule engine (the CPD™) and its models to be better prepared for new attacks discovered over time.


Timely prevention is vital to ensure the vehicle and its passengers’ safety. We provide various configurable measures for prevention and offer unique patent pending prevention techniques that can be applied also to existing vehicles (no need for any design changes).

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