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Unlock the power of data!

The ability to understand the data and derive informed decisions in real-time is the main challenge of fleet operators, OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers, Fleet service providers, and others.

Enigmatos solution enables its customers a fleet-wide view of the data stream and its implications in a variety of domains: vehicle state and health, driver and road behavior, fleet cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. The solution also allows for easy data extraction and sharing with various stakeholders, like insurance companies, repair shops, and others.

Efficient upload of all vehicle data

Enigmatos utilizes patented compression algorithms to upload all vehicle’s communication data to the cloud and apply proprietary machine learning algorithms and mapping methodologies to analyze the data and generate the vehicle’s unique digital profile, without the need for any prior information on the vehicle.

Cyber protection

We use the vehicle’s unique digital profile in conjunction with deterministic rules to detect all attack attempts on the vehicle’s communication network, regardless of the attack vectors. With 100% visibility into each vehicle’s communication network as well as a fleet-wide view, we accurately detect each attack and report all events either to an existing VSOC system or via the Enigmatos user dashboard. The Enigmatos cyber solution is a plug-and-play solution that protects existing and future vehicles and easily integrates with various vehicle architectures.

Streamline fleet’s operational efficiency

Enigmatos offers its customers Insights-as-a-Service platform to cater to the needs of multiple stakeholders in the organization, where they can tailor the required insights package to unlock a deeper understanding of the trends in their domain of interest: vehicle state & health, driver & road behavior, predictive and condition-based maintenance, and more.

Share vehicle data

It is necessary to be able to share vehicle data and derived insights across all stakeholders, internal and external. Enigmatos solution allows all authorized stakeholders to access required vehicle data and insights via various applications.

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