I am delighted to reach out to you once again in what continues to be an extraordinary journey for Enigmatos. Reflecting on the past month, I’m filled with pride over our achievements as we marked our presence emphatically on the global stage.

Our recent participation in key industry events not only elevated our brand visibility but also underscored our commitment to excellence—as evidenced by the two prestigious awards we brought home. These accolades serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and they fuel our resolve to keep pushing the boundaries.

As we navigate the path of a growing startup, I’m excited about the future that lies ahead. The successes of the past month are but stepping stones towards our grand vision. We are poised to accelerate our efforts, expand our reach, and continue to innovate, ensuring Enigmatos remains at the forefront of our industry.

I’m eager to share more about our upcoming initiatives and am confident that together, we will achieve new heights. Your continued support and belief in our mission propels us forward, and I look forward to what the future holds for Enigmatos.

Warm Regards,

Neta Lempert, CEO

We’re thrilled to announce our recognition as one of the top 5 best startups, at the 2024 eMobility Innovations Awards, held during the eMobility Expo World Congress.
A special shoutout to our Strategic Partnerships Director, Ekaterina Kostina, for an outstanding pitch.
Thrilled by our success at WMXMiami!
During the WMXAmericas2024’s Startup Session, we highlighted the critical cybersecurity needs for fleets. Honored to receive an award, Enigmatos is excited to collaborate further with all who attended…

Last month, we organized an interesting and unconventional professional event focused on vehicle cybersecurity, hosted at our Yavne offices, for the members of the Association of Transport Safety Officers.

The escalating concerns surrounding cybersecurity in connected vehicle fleets were the focal point of this conference, that provided necessary tools and knowledge on defending against cyber attacks.

Opening remarks were given by Shimon Sudai, Chairman ofthe professional Association of Transport Safety Officers, who emphasized the need for transportation safety officers to stay actively involved given the rapid changes in vehicle and transportation technologies.

Neta Lempert, CEO of Enigmatos, emphasized the inevitability of cyberattacks on fleets, pointing out the significant risks they pose, including potential loss of human life, operational disruptions, and tarnished reputations. The conference detailed Enigmatos’s patented solutions for real-time monitoring and detection of malicious cyber activity, underlining the importance of reducing response times to these threats.
Additional notable speaker, CyITS Senior Director Hemi Pecker, advocated for a proactive stance in securing modern vehicle technologies and elaborated on the sophisticated cyber warfare tactics employed globally.

Liran Zwickel, VP of Cyber at Enigmatos, highlighted the company’s innovative approach to cyber detection, utilizing machine learning to understand each vehicle’s unique characteristics and monitor for deviations indicating possible cyber events.

The event aimed to raise awareness of escalating cybersecurity threats to smart vehicles and transport overall, offer insights into cutting-edge solutions and resources, and enable key stakeholders to connect and collaborate.
In the end, the conference delivered valuable information and networking opportunities to help strengthen preparations and defenses against potential cyber attacks going forward.

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The recent analysis by researchers at Colorado State University has unveiled concerning vulnerabilities in Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) utilized in over 14 million medium- and heavy-duty trucks, exposing these vehicles to potential cyber threats.

The identified security flaws highlight the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures in automotive fleets, emphasizing the critical role of proactive solutions in safeguarding against malicious attacks.

Enigmatos stands at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions for automotive fleets, offering real-time detection and robust monitoring to mitigate risks posed by evolving cyber threats like those targeting ELD systems. With a focus on securing commercial fleets and ensuring operational integrity, Enigmatos’ innovative approach is well-positioned to address the pressing cybersecurity challenges faced by the transportation industry. This integration of advanced cybersecurity measures is essential in fortifying automotive fleets against cyber vulnerabilities and ensuring continuous safe operations on the road.

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In the competitive world of automotive cybersecurity, Alon Kamir, a dynamic young team leader at Enigmatos, found himself at the center of a critical challenge.

With a stellar background in Computer Engineering from Bar Ilan University and a unique disdain for coffee, Alon was accustomed to tackling problems with innovation and drive. However, this time, the stakes were unprecedentedly high…

The company stumbled upon a severe vulnerability within a fleet of vehicles—a cyber loophole that posed a direct threat to safety. With the clock ticking, Alon rallied his diverse team for an emergency brainstorming session. Known for their synergistic blend of expertise—ranging from seasoned entrepreneurs to former Porsche engineers—Alon’s team was a powerhouse of ideas and solutions.

Drawing from his passion for data analytics and cybersecurity, Alon proposed an ingenious solution. They would craft a ‘Virtual Sensor Array,’ a system designed to enhance the vehicles’ cybersecurity while also optimizing their maintenance schedule based on predictive analytics. This innovative approach would not only eliminate the threat but also offer added value to their clients by preempting potential vehicle failures.

The race against time was on. Alon led his team through intense development sessions, blending their collective knowledge and zeal to create a sophisticated software patch. Amidst the high-pressure environment, Alon’s leadership and humor—”Who needs coffee when you’ve got adrenaline?”—kept the team focused and motivated.
As the deadline loomed, Alon initiated the final test, holding his breath as the system processed. Moments later, success was confirmed: “Simulation Successful.” The software patch was deployed, securing the vehicles and marking a major victory for Enigmatos.

Under Alon’s guidance, the team had not only neutralized a dangerous vulnerability but had also set a new benchmark in the integration of cybersecurity and vehicle maintenance.

Back in Givatayim, Alon reflected on the achievement. As he relaxed with one of his RC planes, the tranquility of flying contrasted sharply with the recent whirlwind of challenges, serving as a poignant reminder of his journey—a synthesis of resilience, creativity, and the power of teamwork…