Our Services

Enigmatos offers its customers a variety of consulting services in the domain of automotive cyber security. Our top notch team of cyber security researchers and automotive experts harness their unique set of skills to challenge our customers’ infrastructure and vehicle’s architecture in order to assist them in building robust and secure vehicles.

Security review

We provide our customers with thorough analysis and end to end assessment of potential security risks to their products – whether in the vehicle or the cloud it is connected to. We perform our assessment in accordance with all industry standards.

Penetration testing

Our automotive security researchers can simulate hackers’ activity to perform penetration testing of vehicles and their eco system.

Automated test environment

Our team will evaluate the security of any required system, its interfaces and possible deployment environments in order to assess risks and vulnerabilities of the product and issue a set of recommendations to secure the product. Based on this work our team will then deliver customized automated test environment.

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